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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading gold mines rated
Created 2009-09-28
Last Modified 2009-09-28
by 11 people.
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Description number 34. ded to sundaymorningcall he gives the best advice and also makes great maps. i am very pleased with this map. also ded to viil who let me use his tile-set to make this one. please leave comments and ratings. Have fun!!!

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i didnt rate this one. :P. and a ded to SundayMorningCall?!?!? (hes one of the biggest jerks on numa. if you scour some of my maps, youll see some bullcrap he stuck on there. its not cool. :P)


great for speedruns
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You can submit it.
me this morning (AUSTRALIA). I agree with you sundaymorningcall
You're right, you're right...
ultimatereading, just read the manifesto, too; it'll help you. And listen to SMC, he's right how I already said in the previous part of my comment^^...


I agree w/ both sunday and xy. For me, the gold by the first rocket was annoying, your tiles are awesome, especially the ones surrounding the exit door.
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If you place gold in even amounts with an even difficulty, you've got a well balanced map. If you shove single pieces of gold on the path and put a ton of gold in a difficult corner, it becomes too much of a nuisance. I dunno, read the Blue_Tetris manifesto.

Yes, that's right.

There should be gold on the main path and some optional pieces... But I felt like that one piece of gold wasn't worth the trouble :P...
Maybe I formulated it a bit wrong :/...


No no no no! Place gold in even amounts throughout and you've got a well balanced map. Keep some of it optional and some of it on the main path.

Pretty good.

The enemies are nice.^^
The rocket at the beginning is at first very annyoing if you try to get the gold next to it, but I felt like superman when I got it xD... But I'm not sure if one piece of gold is enough...

You know, you have to place the gold in a fair way. If it's hard to get, it should be a bit more rewarding (MORE GOLD!)... If it's on the way and shows pretty much the normal route it shouldn't be that much...

Another ded!


Good map, I like how you restricted the enemies to the individual sections, but the rockets didn't really work. Still, a huge step up.