I'm feeling Pale

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading gold mines rated
Created 2009-09-29
Last Modified 2009-10-04
by 11 people.
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Description ded to PALEMOON one of the best mappers ever. hope everyone likes this one. as always please leave comments and please rate. thanks x

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Cool Map

5/5 Almost agd it too! :)
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Nice tiles, gameplay was lacking, but 4 worthy
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Yeah sure

and if you need help with a map don't hesitate to ask. ;)
cool but the small set of tiles at the top is awkward and doesnt seems to fit at all into this map. But the playability is awesome. 4
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to make it easier...
here ya go []


i love that guitar. i want it so bad. ;) and ill try to rate your maps more now.

rated a 4

cuz i cant beat it, which usally means ts a good map. nice tileset.
;) and ill rate em' too, of i can beat em. :D


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Timezones, you know... :P... It's one hour later here.
And a tileset needs work... so I'll post it maybe tomorrow.
But the chaingun could've been used better... At least for me it didn't do much, maybe a NaN would've been good...

Well, I'm still not really sure about your lonely little gold pieces, but in this map they felt well placed and alright as they were^^... The tiles need still a bit work, but overall it was fun, though. :]

UM. why is the map called 'Radium 2' if it is a ded to palemoon?

Cool tiles

I don't understand are you wanting to use them again I quite like the style. I find it easiest to make a map when you just start with part of a tile-set and then it can be built and expanded round the objects you place.