Wheel World 2 - Laser Funk

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Author chume14
Tags action author:chume14 nreality rated wheel
Created 2009-09-30
Last Modified 2009-10-05
by 28 people.
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Description Nreality needed

The second of these wheel nreality maps. I cut down the number of moving objects from like 200 to about 15 because some people complained about lag if it still lags for you I've done my best.

This was 10X as difficult to make as it looks because the more lasers you add the more the time they start at gets staggered because earlier ones in the code start rotating faster so if you want a regular geometric form it is hard to calculate the angles.

Thanks to miststalker for play-testing.

The series so far

1 - Underside []
2 - Laser Funk []

no. 43

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quite fun

fastest AGD =D

could be alot faster, but i like the bouncing method haha
Demo Data

i made

my 50th map check it out please!!!!

ratehr awesome

im trying the other one =D

This is SO cool

But a bit laggy.


yeah, it's me, how are things going?

why did you

delist your map????


i will wait by making my next tile-set :)

Hey mate

can i submit our collab map?


:p Took it's time...
Demo Data

One thing...

Miststalker* ;p

Even on Vista

It lags. ;-;


those are some crazy danmaku, man.


Although, I think my profile is a tad bit longer. =3




dude. ill make something using it and give ya a ded.

Tell me

how you do this this. plz.

I know right?

Map's too laggy for my computer.
i could go faster but i don't have the time.
this doesn't lag AT ALL for me. ??? wtf..
great job chume. i get the impression that you are a very sophisticated person.
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I'm averaging about 500 ms/f.

Could you

please tell me, or show me, the code to make objects rotate?

The laser wheel is intuitive.


I dont understand.

I like wheels.

I like bikes. I want to ride my bike!

not very

revolutionary haha wordplay indeed


... not a very revolutionary map, but I thought it was okay...
Nice idea, though.

I got nreality

This is awesome! 5 I don't understands how to mod things though, sounds complicated
I should of said: maneuvring at the speeds required in order to miss the lasers is frustrating, and so makes the level less fun.
my computer is like 5 years old and terrible and I got none on this or the last map. Anyway as I said in the description I tried to cut it down as much as possible.

I dont like it

the lag makes it nearly impossible to play, and it's not that fun when played anyway. The lasers looked impressive, but the cons greatly outweighed the pros. 3/5.



I like it

but very hard
on nreality
Demo Data

thanks guys

have an agd
Demo Data

agree with ns

very nice playing...

@Zthing go here download it []

@Edol and nevershine thanks there is another one its the map before this and I'm working on a 3rd

Awesome. 5/5, goes to favorites.


playing this looks and feels like playing another game.
great work. 5.