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Author Meta_Ing
Tags - author:meta_ing simple-challenge simple-challenge-esque unrated
Created 2009-09-30
Last Modified 2009-09-30
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Description Another simple-challenge-esque map. I'm sure most of you know how to walljump through downwards facing oneways already, but this is a little bit harder.

It's not too hard once you get it down, in my opinion. A demo is provided.

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Ok.. most of your maps have ratings disabled. so I'll wait and RCE yer new ones.. if you don't mind

right,... no ratings... this one doesn't count

I like the tiles, It reminds me a little of yungerkid :P 3/5

You made an incredibly awesome AGD on my map "Anybody There?" [] the description promised 5 RCES for the fastes AGD. I guess you won :D
But I couldn't do it so I took it off.

Better demo

Demo Data


Demo Data

Improvable demo

Tip - Don't try to walljump through the first oneways too fast, or else you probably won't be able to get through the second.
Demo Data