Granafaloon's Terror

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Author WordBlamCreator
Tags author:wordblamcreator lasers survival unrated wbc
Created 2009-10-01
Last Modified 2009-10-01
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Description A survival map.

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I love survivals

this seemed like much longer when I was doing it
Demo Data
1) place the object in the centre of where you want it to rotate around and copy the code ie for a peice of gold in the middle.

2)Add the following to the end of it ^^^,7,direction,speed,startAngle,Radius
so for this it would be 0^396,300^^^,7,1,speed,startAngle,Radius

3) make sure there are 4 of this symbol before the number 7. If the object your making rotate is already modded you might need to delete one or 2 of the ^ for example to make this rotate.
change it to this
one less ^ cause there already is one

4) fill in the values for
to what you want them to be. Use a positive speed for clockwise and a negative one for anticlockwise. StartAngle is measure clockwise from the positive x axis. Use trial and error to hone these values to where you want them.

5)Save and load it as the code for that object I think that's all but tell me when you read this and if you have problems.
this is very fun and original. nice work.
Demo Data


Demo Data