The Tomorrow Escapade

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Author MyCheezKilledYours
Tags 18 author:mycheezkilledyours rated
Created 2009-10-03
Last Modified 2009-10-03
by 7 people.
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Description Tell me what you think.

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(ah realised i should improve the laser room now, here's the remake

cool, might be my fav looking castle map. But yea the laser isnt great and Im not a fan of using that bug to get down to the gauss gold (bounceblock dont look good here i think anyway). Check out my n tower map if you like (-sort of past and future) search n tower fixed to see run (i am author title 2)
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I like your tiles though. :)

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*waves donator rank inticingly*

pretty cool, although the enemies can get a bit annoying
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i will start the map tonight because i just broke up with my girlfriend :( :( :(

ok thanks

if i think i've made an amazing one can i tell you?

First try

pretty good map, I thought the left was a bit cramped for the rocket though.
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how do you get

a map feaured?

i really wish

i was as good as you :(
and is it just me, or are there a lot of "tower maps" today?
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i love this map

great tiles and great object placement!! 5/5