Somewhat Chaotic

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Author chironex
Tags author:chironex circular flowy fun race rated thwumps
Created 2009-10-03
Last Modified 2009-10-03
by 9 people.
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Description Ded to chume14 for an AGD of this map []. This race took me a long while to create---I hope you enjoy it! Please rate and comment :)

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Oops, I mean IBAN

(for some reason I thought it was i_suck_at_n)

Thanks ISAN :-)

Although, I still wonder why everyone finds it so hard. I just played it today after not having played it for a while and got it on my first try. Muscle memory? Go figure...


what a sick race! very nice thwump planning, very hard, and very very fun to play.

plus your finish in the first comment is rather awesome ;D

Watch a demo

It is easy.
and it was fun. Have you played it?


I thought it was fun.
your maps and they are amzing!!!! your tiles are fantastic you pick the right enemies for the right maps man your good cant wait to see your next one :)


please visit this map? []

thanks for this

sorry I haven't checked it out till now I don't check the forums that often.

I do appreciate it very much I'm not very good at races but I love anything with complex thwump mechanics and timing. I found it hard like most people (especially going through the bottom laser) but very rewarding when you pull of all the moves in the right timing.

Here's an agd I messed up in a couple of places but its the best I can do for now :D
Demo Data

*what you all are

Grrr, they should let you edit your comments...


I believe what you are are saying; it's just that I didn't experience this difficulty in creating and playing the map myself; I get it perhaps every other try. Perhaps I should have someone playtest my maps more often.
so being off by a couple frames really kills the ability to beat it, especially near the beginning.

I agree with riobe

also, it was a bit messy

I guess I got good at it after playing it zillions of times.


This is really hard to pull off, even after looking at a flow demo. I die within the first 200 frames 90% of the time. D:

Creative use of thwumps. However, too finicky and cluttered at parts. D:

3/5. Keep trying though! ^_^

Nice :]

It wasn't that hard, it was more like a good challenge and after I've beaten it I felt happy as ever^^

Well, I agree with rit, you shouldn't have written the names into the tiles (generally you could've made the tileset a bit more fitting into a theme and work a bit more on it)... In the middle of the map, I thought that the gold on the one ways looked ugly :/...
I liked the route, because it was so varied, but I found it really necessary to watch your demo. Some people don't like it when they have to watch your demo first, so try to make the path more obvious and show it with the gold ... (Although I think now, after I watched your demo, that I could've found that out by myself, too^^)

In my opinion it was very fun, especially because of the action and the varied route and the flow ideas and this whole stuff, so 4.25 and faved :]
Demo Data


If you are going to critique my race, PLEASE phrase it as "You should have..." or "Try to..." or "In (x) section, I thought that..." so that I know either how to improve in general OR what is bad about specific parts of the race.

Demos, anyone?

I also thought this was really hard. some spots were really cool.. but the letters on the tiles look really bad and noobish. still 3.5/5 up

Better Demo

Again, also on NReality
Demo Data

Hard? Really?

I actually thought it was one of my easier races. Hmmm...

this was hard.

the thwumps were real neat, though i think some situations were a tad mean. the flow was nice except for a few parts which seemed a tad rushed.




Also on NReality.
Demo Data