Final: Kickin It Oldschool

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Author Riobe
Tags author:riobe fun medium playable race rated ttension
Created 2009-10-03
Last Modified 2009-10-03
by 16 people.
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Description Not really old school, but oh well. :/

Playtested by yungerkid.

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Great flow, wow

And the top section is seriously amazing.


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that's your third vote for any dronies this year, u got puzzle, map maker, and race so far, will maybe be updated..
which gives me another reason to fail this map.
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you guys are just too product-oriented.


agree with destiny about yungerkid rating ^^

i like these sorta races. was really fun to play over and over. i didn't see this stand out from all your other maps though. 4.5...ummm....up

This is exceptional

The whole thing was brilliant, hugely surpreme in comparison to the rest of the series. I feel a little like the old(ish) riobe is seeping through. Also, decent/good is a brilliant rating from yungerkid ;P
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Also, note that:
Replay Value asks: Is there something to gain after beating the map once? I.E., new routes, etc.
Gimmicks asks: Is there some other aspect of the race that wouldn't have been covered in the previous rating which should have been? (I.E. limitations, stuff like that)
1)Fun 10/10, had a blast playing this, getting around and finding out the stuff involved.
2)Flowness: 9/10 whenever there was a 1 tile by itself, the speed and flow slowed down drastically.
3)Aesthetics: 6/6 very nice asthetics. very nice

(10+9+6)/6 = 4.16667/5 *subscore*

Multiplier section:
1)originality: 1.05 some parts i saw were brand new to me. This includes the very nice use of bouncies to turn the ninja around at the top right area
2)well-integration: 1.05 the use of objects for flow was well done.
3)replay value: 1.10 i kept replaying this over and over, some stuff online even disconnected from being idle too long.
4)other gimmics: 1.05 the trap doors use in the center area was well done with the tileset.

4.16667 * multipliers = 5.306/5

woah, higher than 5/5 =D this was a really awesome race and you did an excellent job on it.



GREGOR says...

Generic RacE Grading O' Rubric (GREGOR)

Subscore Section
Fun Value: 9/10. Comments: There's some really fun flow here, with the thwump-running and everything.
Flowiness: 9/10. Comments: Very flowy. What more should I say?
Aesthetics: 5/6. Comments: Good aesthetics---I like the loose feel of the race
(9+9+5)/6 = 3.83/4 *subscore*

Multiplier Section: Scored in increments of x0.05
Originality : 1.05. Comments: There are small specks of originality in there, but overall, not too different from anything else you've made.
Well-Integration : 1.05. Comments: x1.05 for the thwumps.
Replay Value : 1.0. Comments: Not really any more than any other race.
Other Gimmicks : 1.0. Comments: None.
3.83 multiplied by all multipliers = 4.23/5

This is a really great race. Then again, so are of your others, and this fails to stand out.

Also, please check my latest race [] out! It was submitted at approximately the same time as this one, but has no relevant comments or ratings! Thank you.
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There was a period in which I wasn't loving your races... but not anymore!

This was one excellent :)
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all races are te same


other than that, this is decent/good.


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