happy as ever!

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading mini rated
Created 2009-10-03
Last Modified 2009-10-03
by 16 people.
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Description just got a new girlfriend this is a ded to her :) mini map soo bad.

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Thanks for feedback.

This map is really good. You used thwumps and oneway gates perfectly. Just i didn't like the gold between two mines, it harms agd spirit :D
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that gold is possible.. just not worth it.
Cool little map, gratz on your gf
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Not yet really

I haven't really done that much to it I'll try and work on it now ok.

ok cool

this way a toy map. but ok fair enough.

i didnt

quite like the concept

then check

the upgrade []

i dont know

im not on NUMA as much as i used to be, so i dont play alot of maps.


love the simplicity of it

very fun map

i really liked it, it was different than any other map ive ever seen. =D
Ratings aren't really important...
Comments are way more important.
Quit mapping because of bad/not many ratings isn't really a good idea :P

... The map is nice... The tileset is pretty simple, but I don't really know how it could've been improved, too xD... The gold between the two mines is unreachable I guess, but apart from that it was a good map^^

(I sent you some tiles for our collab on the forums by the way; I hope, you noticed.)


nice! GF!





my laser burst the ratings box

No silly.




slow completion

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