You can't escape

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Author yokola95
Tags author:yokola95 hard nreality rated tile-drone
Created 2009-10-05
Last Modified 2009-10-05
by 9 people.
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Description You can't escape.
You can't escape.
I'm just bored to repeat it.
The life will finish only with your dead! Because... you must re-start to read this comment.
I hope you will like that. The golds are not so easy ...
Copyright of Yokola95
Nreality needed

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Definitely not impossible, I almost managed it on my third try!
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I'm doubting the possibility of the completion, though i'm preeeeety sure that a pro fbf artist could do it.
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pretty amazing.

won't lie.
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glad you

could figure the coding out ;D

the map is rather awesome too =D
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a little further

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pretty cool idea - prisoner w/ tile drones. idk if it has been done b4, but pretty cool nonetheless
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I know but i didn't want to make that easy :P
It almost seems sped up.