Ninja Playground

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Author Ninja_Skills
Tags author:ninja_skills rated test
Created 2005-11-13
Last Modified 2006-05-23
by 23 people.
Map Data

Description first level guys, long load, lots of spam,
but fun to watch. this one has no enemies and i hope to make a new version with enemies

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I thought it was very good, true, there was a lot of gold delay. But did you ever think that this guy actually wanted a lot of gold delay? Didn't think so...That said, though it was way better than any DDA I could write, I think that due to the highly complex nature of it all, it would fall more under the N-Art category, than the classic, 20-30 second long DDA.


horrible horrible lag
and gold delay wasn't even used on all of the one
i hate leftover gold

Ninja Playground? Holy crap!


i know what you guys mean by putting random enemies on the map and have tried it but it does take long and im still trying to do it will be a while before i release it w/ enemies


if its so freakishly long put more enemies in it... just put random enemies in the map and see wht it turns out to be like i mean i cant really rate this higher than a 2.5 cuz it has no close calls in it

uhh gold delay

some of that gold delay was pointless, it just makes me want to be mad at stuph. grrrr....
....Yeah....still loading......


i beg to differ, be patient


It looked ok but i couldnt b bothered 2 wait


vote for my second map Cloud City please


i need tips for the trap door bossting, ive seen it done in the better dda's and cannot figure it out please give tips.

Awesome 4/5

I dont care wht anyone says, i loved it, and even though the load time was really long, i thought the gold was necessary so you could delay N to hit the thwumps at the right time. only reason i dont give it a 5 is b/c there isnt really that much new inivations. but still great.

thanks toast



i have never seen a map with a load time that long. and i'm sorry but it wasn't worth the wait.


I think that one was awesome. It is sooooo coooool.
But, the loading time was too much and it was too much gold too. It diserves a 4.50


the loading time is ridiculous. you used way too much gold delay. close calls were limited.

however, this is freakishly long, which i applaud you for.
The worst DDA's I've ever seen.

Way too much gold delay, WAY TOO MUCH. A lot of it wasn't needed.