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Author gloomp
Tags author:gloomp bbct corner hard off rated triple
Created 2009-10-07
Last Modified 2009-11-30
by 10 people.
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Description I have never seen this map, barely glanced even at the map data, and shall not until I submit it, but my Board of Advisers tell me it is worthy of the gloomp brand. They describe it as "triple off the corner," which I think is the new hip phrase. People say I'm not in touch with the public's tastes, but I keep my Blackberry on all the time, and tell my secretaries text me anything they hear said about me, so those rumors are quite unfounded. Enjoy this latest offering from the author you have come to count on to deliver you only the very best offerings from the NEG.

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I hate it

when my computer lags
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I agree with flag. Unless you're a Brit and your English is ass-backwards causing you to say stuff like "the team are good" when it's so painfully obvious that's absolutely wrong to the fifth degree.


NON-FBF, on Nreality to prove it :3
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Oh I forgot that was one of the coolest descriptions I ever saw man. Yay.

@gloomp: "Board of Advisers" is a singular noun. Noob. Thus, "tells."

@nemetacyst: O.O!


it would have been better if you had said hey last so then it would be right scrolling down. DICK.


It's a triple off the corner. you have to do two jump on top then a third jump on the side of the bounce block as it comes up next to you. It is very hard.


I think not
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Thanks gloomp. <3
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