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Author nemetacyst
Tags action author:nemetacyst gauss mines unrated
Created 2009-10-07
Last Modified 2009-10-07
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Map Data

Description How come all the walls are hollow?
If only you could crawl...guess it's time to do it the old fashion way.

Pretty easy, just a few gauss and mines, figured i'd keep it simple with my first map in...over a year?

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Ponnnderous AGD. Some of the mines were a little restricting, but if it's really your first Ned use in over a year, amazing.
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this was really annoying to speed, I can't believe you've been gone for over a year, I've never even heard of you until today :/
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It just wasnt fun at all. The gameplay didnt really change at all. It got boring and annoying. 2

Oh damn. It's nemetecyst. Will play later.


was just jumping around the place
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Furiously addictive. Flawlwss.

▲ ▲
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Hez return

Who are you¿


Welcome back, man!


Faved to play tomorrow. Good to see you're back to mapping.