icy cold with a hint of drones

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading drones gold mines rated
Created 2009-10-07
Last Modified 2009-10-19
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description i am really pleased with this map please rate and leave comments. hope you like this one as much i as i do. ded to one of my fav author ZTHING.Also ded to Skate1168 for an amazing AGD.

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5/5 Check my demo out! :D
Demo Data


your maps get some nice attention ^^

thanks =D

i think you can download nreality here: [] just click on the NReality6d4 link and hit "save"... make sure your sol file is backed up though!

=D idk how to back it up though, sorry. =(


i heart this map. 5aved. It's increasingly challenging and kept me playing. Incredible! Who's to say I have the attention span of a fencepost now buttho-- HEY!!! A butterfly.

agd death

Demo Data

sure dude

To Record A Demo:

1. Load the map into Ned
2. Click out of the text box and press 1 on your keyboard
3. Then press P to play the map. The demo stops recording when you die or when you complete the map (get to the exit)

To Play A Demo:

1. Load the map into Ned
2. Copy and paste the demo data into the second text box (the one right under the level data box)
3. Click out of the text box and press 3
4. Press Q
5. Press P to watch the demo
2. I agree with the others :P
3. If you want to make a demo you have to go to the debug menu, press "1" for starting the demo recording and then play the map with "P" (make sure Caps Lock is on). If you finished playing the map you can press "รถ/~" and you come back to the debug menu. Press "2" for stopping the demo recording and in the second (lower) box on the right should be now your demo data. (An AGD is just an all gold demo.)

If you want to see a demo you've to paste the demo data into the lower box, click outside of the box, press "3" for loading the demo, "Q" for starting the demo playback and "P" for playing the map (make sure Caps Lock is on).

I just felt like telling you that ^^


for the rating hope u like my other maps

You did me a favour

Very good, I rated it a 4, and that was the fifth vote. This is a very good map.


much better with the grouped gold. now, as ZTHING said, try out different groupings/patterns of gold.

speedrun agd demo

it did finish, it said so on neditor ;D

nice gameplay and a little gold work needed.. overall, great job for only 38 maps into NUMA life. =D

thanks ;D
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This is better, but don't make your gold linear unless your map is linear (this one isn't). Look at the gold on my most recent map, and experiment w/ gold patterns.
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cool tiles

and nice gameplay, but I agree with ZTHING - try to group the gold together instead of just scattering them around the map alone, its less satisfying and more annoying to collect it that way. Other than that, very nice work. 4/5


quite nice. 4aved and thanks for the ded. The gold looks slightly tedious, but the gameplay is solid
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