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Tags author:iwbtninja birthday corporation featured industry rated
Created 2009-10-08
Last Modified 2010-02-02
by 41 people.
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Description It's my birthday, man!

This map was featured on 2009-11-18

I Wbtninja,
you Wbtninja,
he Wbtninja,
she Wbtninja,
they Wbtninja,
Becky Wbtninja,
Digimon Wbtininja,
game show hosts Wbtninja
Europeans Wbtninja,
that guy from The Office Wbtninja,
hookers Wbtninja,
Obama Wbtninja,
Mudkipz Wbtninja,
environmentalists Wbtninja,
Superman Wbtninja,
dolphins Wbtninja,
lawyers Wbtninja,
Solid Snake Wbtninja,
we all Wbtninja!
I mean who doesn't Wbtninja? — spudzalot

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nice avatar, IWBT
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Slig not slug.I got it wrong


For one, I will support ol' spudz's feature. Cos I loved it, even if nobody else did.

Amazing map.

First gold. ;)
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I would agree with that guess. Looks like a slug.

"like a PBJ sans the J"

Life here is not a reviewer.

Haha Atob.

I still love my review. :3



fail review.

cool map.

Pretty good

I felt it was a little bare and uninteresting in a few areas. But a majority of it was pretty good stuff.
get over it srsly supposed 2 paying attenshion to the map guys
My opinion has not changed... Nice feature, Nice map IWBTNINJA =]
If I wanted to feature a map on the day it was released, I could, because I thought that it would prove to be a timeless favorite.

However, I don't feel that way about this map. I'm agreeing with atob's word "unrefined." It's very empty and bland, like a PBJ sans the J. There could've been some tiles or enemies added. I didn't like the bounceblock tower either.

I did like the gold patterns though. They were pretty. 4/5
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Gratz on the feature, you've really developed as a woman, so I feel that you've earned it.

and the age of the map is irrelevant as well. If a review wants to feature an "old classic", he or she can. If not, then they have no obligation to do so. If more newer maps are being featured than older maps, it's probably because there are more really good maps within recent times than in the old days. A reviewer should be able to feature any map he or she wants without people complaining that the map isn't more than a year old.


good. tiles were awesome.5.
are featured because the reviewer likes them; their age is irrelevant.
Gratz on the feature, you've really developed as an author, so I feel that you've earned it.

I wish

people would feature more old classics, instead of these 3-day-old maps.

Damn cool map

and a super tileset 5/5.

Reviews --

ABOUT the map... sigh

also spudz

Becky as in less than three?

your references are awesome


I know your new avatar.
Is it a slug on abes Odessy?

Your mom wbtninja

this is

one of the first maps i ever played on Numa. =D


You changed you avatar. ;_; I loved that old one with a passion.
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oh wow cool

nice map + mudkipzzz = avedf.

love the review

way different in a good way than most reviews ^^

nice map as well, very fun =D
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Map is good, if a little un-refined. Plays very solidly, but some of the objects could have been tidied up imo.

Not a huge fan of the gold placement or bounceblock tower, but it works well.
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Happy first feature. I remember playing this. Very fun.