The Longer I Pull At Loose Strings

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Author remote
Tags action author:remote effort mines puzzle rated tricky
Created 2009-10-08
Last Modified 2009-10-08
by 5 people.
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Description Felt like making a map. Too ill to do anything worth while. its very tricky at first. not sure if i like it myself. tell me if you find a way to cheat so i can fix it. cba to test it properly myself.

DED'D to southpaw because hes so freaking immense and i owe him a ded from waaaay back. enjoy yourself southpaw ;)

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Aesthetics are really good. Also the gameplay seemed me kinda cramped, but i realized it's pretty flowy when i played it.

I tried this like 50 times. never got past the turrets. And i agree with chume gameplay was awkward, it didn't do it for me. 3/5.
This reminds me of the epitome of N puzzle level. It's like going back in time to when this could be considered a puzzle. Very, very classy, remote. I had no idea you had it in you. Five out of five ninjas.

PS: A classy map deserves a classy demo.

Hit me up, remote. We should collab sometime.
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Brilliant, the beginning was brilliant.


faved. faved like a cocaine addict. make more cocaine, remote.
im afraid i don;t really understand the whole "delisting" concept. =P
yesterday but then I eventually decided to delist it so I could work on it more and try and make it better. (not saying you should do that just mentioning).

thats how i felt

but spent a good 20 minutes on it, so didn't feel like binning it.

awkward even :)

there's a completion there also
it looks interesting but game-play just felt really awkwark
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wow thats awesome.

make more. this is fun. soooo challenging.