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Author Swarm
Tags action author:swarm mines rated rockets
Created 2009-10-09
Last Modified 2009-10-09
by 6 people.
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Description This is my first submission to numa, but i've been lurking a while. Finally decided to submit something for all to laugh at.


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What the fuck? Don't you get it?

your a bit harsh

on yourself this is a really good map :) 5. also welcome to NUMA

Welcome to NUMA!

i hope you enjoy your stay :3


Lol just kidding.

this is a decent map, pretty chill for the most part. the lonely bounce block/ slanted tile combo only allows for a few ways to play. the gameplay is good though, so it is all good:)

Dos Tres Cuatro


Beunos Noches todos...


nice first submission, tiles were nice, minimalism was nice, but hiding enemies under items like tiles or bounceblocks isn't something you should do. agd looks kinda bleak but nice first - 3.5 up
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this isn't bad

the only thing wrong is that hiding enemies under bounceblocks IS A BIG NO-NO. Even in this situation, when it becomes obvious where the enemy is, it's still gonna get complaints. Anyway, this is definitely above average for a first.

And you might see the word "multiaccounter" quite frequenly on this map, ignore it. It's NUMA's friendly way of welcoming you.

People tend to

not like hidden enemies much, but this map is ok with it (kind of) because their a fair amount of warning of the rockets coming.