Contamination Spreading

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day contamination disease gold mines rated spreading
Created 2009-10-09
Last Modified 2009-10-09
by 7 people.
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Description This is an old map I've had lying around for awhile. I felt it deserved time on NUMA. The theme if the map is the disease is spreading from the bottom right out into the map! Hit me with some cool all golds.

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Skline demo.

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I would like to ask if this [] has been done before.


And at first, I didn't think I liked it...

I enjoyed replaying it though, and it grew on me, especially how open the lower section turned out to be given the space used. Not sure I love the way it looks, but gameplay makes up for that, as does the "disease" theme.
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Death demo.

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Nice map l_d... AGD is very tough. :/


so i totally missed this route
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Really Hard

but i really like the idea


i loved the gameplay
The gausses arnt fun they are just really annoying.


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This looks so good!

That thumbnail!!! Holy crap nice job. Instant 5aved. Also make a flower.