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Author remote
Tags action author:remote everything playable unrated
Created 2009-10-10
Last Modified 2009-10-10
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description I thought to myself, hmm, lets see what sort of map we can make using all the enemies.

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And you're back, you could offer other stunning 400 maps, please!. MAKE MORE MAPS!!!
(you're in my hall of fame. chek my profile and see this)
Thanks for introducing me to this community almost four years ago. Then I sort of lost interest in N for four years. Anyways, thanks.


nice demo uncon.

In their?

What the hell?

In there obviously.


Tricky map.

Some nice fun challenges in their, but the rocket and gauss sections were too tricky, in my opinion.
Demo Data

i agree

didn't really enjoy it that much myself. just like looking at it.



The tiles look nice

The gameplay was bad