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Author Sendy
Tags action author:sendy bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-11-14
Last Modified 2005-11-14
by 25 people.
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Description Ok, so I'm not gonna stop posting maps, stupid idea. Thanks to everyone who gave their opinion. Spent about 2 hours tweaking this one around, it's sorta like my oldskool maps, but not as brick.

Yes, really. Demos and feedback much appreciated!

EDIT: One drone removed.

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ianb, you are soooo below me.

nice one sendy. i loved the unnecesary floor guards up and down.


PS: this demo is for my friend eloy, who has a huge talent making levels. well see some of then in a close future. elo gato
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But as for the cramped feeling, that's what I was going for ;)

It's good to have some open maps, some claustrophobic maps, and some inbetween, IMO.
the beginning is way to hard. SO is the middle, and it's a little too cluttered. A 5/5 isnt bad, nor is a 4/5. Im going for a 4.5/5


I'm with Nevermore on this one.

Great mechanics.
Bit tedious waiting at some points.


my 5/5 brought this baby to #1! I love you Sendy!
Though I'm a bit drunk lol


This is the 3rd highest rated, and I got an amazing demo as well. Thanks iangb and everyone who voted!




God, but I'm SUCH a masochist. But I did it. I just got all-gold.


I love this map.
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I guess I've got the trick to it now. Don't think I'm fool enough for all-gold though. Maybe tomorrow.

Hurrah for your maps, sendy. 5/5 over and over.
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I can't.

You can't rate maps 5.5.

If you live near me apologies, you proably just heard a very rude word. Why did I have to go for the gold!

Right. I'm beating this if it kills me.

Incidentally, Sendy - you are easilly my favourite authour on NUMA. Glad to see your maps on show.
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Hey, y'know what?

I think this deserves a 5 now. Could someone rate it .5 higher than they would?


Amazing gampelay mechanic.


Ok, I think you're right Nevermore. So I took a drone out. If anyone wants to give me an extra 0.5 on behalf of Nevermore, feel free ;). Just kidding. Can't afford to think about ratings any more...

Oh, yeah

I love how it looks, too.

Awesome mechanics

You get a 5 for the way this map works. However, it's a bit too tedious. I think if there were one less drone, I'd like this more. Still, great great map. 4.5/5.

By the way...

Fantastic map. I probably enjoyed the second section the most.


*hugs Sendy again*
I liked the map. It was really fun, tjough akward in places. Good job!