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Author Meta_Ing
Tags action author:meta_ing minus-sign-or-dash-or-hyphen objects-are-not-random-though psuedo-experimental random-tiles-that-were-created-by-randomly-pressing-keys-and-moving-the-mouse-around rated
Created 2009-10-13
Last Modified 2009-10-13
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Lately I've been in a bit of a mappers block, and also haven't been able to come up with any tiles, so I decided to challenge myself. I created a tileset by randomly pressing keys and moving the mouse across the map, then when I was done doing that, I made a map out of whatever I got. This is the result. It's actually a bit easier than most of my other maps. I think.

I'll leave ratings enabled just because.

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cool stuff!


yay. love ur maps. bet this one will be good.
u bad at hem.
But probably the only map with this tag.

Faster AGD.
Demo Data


sorry I normally don't do this but I thought you might like my recent map called Fenix Funk, if you don't like it don't play it. But I just figured you would tear that map up.,


Here's a better demo. Faster. AGDer.

But I severely screwed up the end.
Demo Data

Really Cool Man

You placed the objects really well, I like the traversing through the mines and bounce blocks, and over the top. Cool.

AGD -2

On NReality but I accidentally did this on speedruns, so it's not on highscores.
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i have two eyes-closed tilesets...both much smaller than this.

im likin it

just not beatin it

Death demo.

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