The Law Is a Human Institution

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Author ratatat_
Tags author:ratatat_ flow fun medium race speed unrated
Created 2009-10-14
Last Modified 2009-10-14
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Description I haven't made a map in a while, so this one is a warm up to a couple races I'm working on.

This is fun to play, fairly flowy, and hard to cheat. The intended route is the fastest, I believe.

RCE and I'll give a ded to the fastest demo.

Dedicated to Natai for his agd on my recent map Precipitous. It's been a while, but here it is.

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Generally, when i play a race map i confuse, because there are complicated routes in good race maps. But here, route is simple, used just one enemy (but really effective). Only thing missing in this map is extra gold.

P.S. : Come beat me :P []

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is a faster demo. =P

you come up with the weirdest flow patterns man. lol. anyways, here ya are.
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Awesome tileset... but I can't finish it... yet...

i, i..i.....i....

cant do it.


i cant belive this one didt get any comments. working on a sppedrun demo.
if you can't find the route.
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