Distorted Sun

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Author ChaoStar
Tags author:chaostar theend tileset unrated
Created 2009-10-15
Last Modified 2010-03-21
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Map Data

Description It's a tileset. It's all I make, decently, anymore.

Use, abuse, credit.

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I am.


I wish you were here.


haha no offense or anything but why not something real like music? Just seems a bit distasteful to be into a bunch of cartoons, and yeah idk why so many people like it. Turns out everyone ends up liking things I think are silly, I guess some people get caught up in popular stuff and others don't. thnx for the explanation anyways.
definitely not my best map in anyway, but im greatful for the feature.

just as a side note: wth is with everyone on this site and an obsession with manga/anime or whatever you want to call it.


Stacey is a tileset.


first, who is that in all of your pictures on your account.
and its realling bugging me whether your a guy or a girl!!! please =D
Also, added you to the ded list.



wanna colab?