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Author HUH?
Tags author:huh? doors doorz playable puzzle random rated
Created 2009-10-15
Last Modified 2010-06-03
by 11 people.
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Description This is a map you could've made but I did. A computer probably could have randomly generated this map, which is why I'm surprised it's beatable. The map name has nothing to do with the map itself but rather the song I am currently listening to. Song by: Nirvana

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oh baby

sub 1000.... yea... i just spent time to speedrun this map.... what
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this was really cool despite being so damned random. It actually had paths that flowed pretty well too. Faved cuz it was so cool xD
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here's a hldda :p
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i really like it

its challenging and different. faved
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what a cool map

i could play this for hours and still not expect all the surprises in it. =]

slow completion

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weird map
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so complexed Oo

Evanescence ?

good song xD