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Before everyone stayed on the hot page, now I see more rates on the second and third page so don't worry, your map will be seen. And also if you fight for attention xXSc3n1cXx, no one will like you, take your time and you will progressively get better.

It'll stop floatin'

when people stop votin'.



uh dude...

people can scroll down. if there were say, 20 of these across the first 2 pages of Hot Maps, then yeah, you might have a valid point, however this is not so, and therefore you do not.

omg, nuff with this

its taking all the freaking attention, and my map aint getting none.
and found that it looks even better from about 2.5 meters away.




I miss the good 'ol bitesize days sometimes.


@ schaff, your entitled to your opinions.. its fine ;D

note to self... 120 rates = 42 hours
@ andreas: about 20 hours =P
@ atob: im not delisting, & i know =]
@ beethoveN: thanks ;D
@ SMC: lol
& note to self: 42 hours - 117 rates: 4/5


i think
its not realy a good nart...

Laughing My ARSE Off.



It's good, but just good imo.

And don't delist, it'll stop floating when people stop voting.

how log did this take for you to make?
I got my 100 and it was 5/5 then, so I'm extremely happy... everything else is an extra layer of icing on the cake. =D

@ Jawbit, we do need one =P
@ espadda, thanks for supporting my map ^^
@ viil, i cant tell anymore if you like or hate my map ?_?
@ WBC, lol, nice!!! thats my plan btw... to train all types of birds (electric/flying. ground/flying. etc) to level 100... just a lot more to go! =P
@ palemoon, brass machine, tereza: thanks a lot ;D
@ josh.. i knew shading was close to the end, but weird.. i did the area around the nails last =S, i did edit the code though... kinda =P


still on hot maps!
this is how numa works, people. get over it
Just keep on making maps and let the map run its term, it's a worthy art to stay at the top. I would only say the slightest flaw was the orange but there really isn't much of a way to fix it so nice job over all. 4.5/5^

did you know

the last object was a shading gauss on the uppermost left wind tip?? bet not. ._.

My neighbor

has a team of all 100s
I guess I could insult you for awhile?

I mean,

Hey 200!

I mean,


I mean,


I mean


I mean,



I mean 5.

*other maps

we need an edit comment feature on this site.


don't feel guilty...I enjoy commenting on other just as much as getting comments on mine, especially if the author replies to my comment (which you do all the time)!

And as for making maps, I do wish I made more...just it's getting so hard...and I really want my 100th to be epic.

Shame on whoever caused this to go down to a 4


I've got my 100 (=D), but the way to knock it down is by posting maps, not by sniping X(

It need to go down,

A day of this /shit/.


grrr.... X


people who are pricks. And don't wish to addmit that you made something amazing.