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Very good

But constructive criticism:
Area around the talons looks pretty bad, and the way you filled stuff in (like with 'z' instead of 'x' or 'c') looks messy as well.
It's called "Where'd the Elvish Sailors Go?" Epicness.
but as ive said, maps have been successful even with a map on top for a while... when espada's was on the top for 3 days, i had some successful maps.

ChrisE thats interesting.. i didnt know that =D

& thanks for the constructive critisims mrgy ;]. the only one i truly agree with is the launchpad one =S... the cutting off of the wings i find better, because it fills the map more. the rest ill take to heart <3

now time to play some of the new maps posted =D


For those who say "greatest N-Art," you're able to have your own opinion but you've clearly not seen a Dragon Moon N-Art.

Constructive Criticism:
* The left side of the creatures wing is cut off the page.
* Not a fan of the filling of each color as it looks exceptionally messy.
* I don't like around the claws where bounce pads were substitute as a gray for the background thwumps.
* The eyes look good in full view, not so much thumbnail.

Also, I'm not a fan of Pokemon but I didn't apply my biased against Pokemon in my rating.

+3.4 rounded.
Electabuzz for example, only takes 800,000.
Your starter pokemon should take 1,080,000.
And pokemon such as Drifblim take a whopping 1,560,000.

I think.
I'm also unsure of this, but wasn't there another Zapdos N-art a while back?

The greatest n-art

because it has an excelent gold/mine combination to make orange. and because i love pokemon so much. keep playing it.


Believe me, I love this n-art, but I don't approve of it hogging all the attention on the Hot Maps. =( I just posted mah newest map, and it was /still/ below this Zapdos thing. Meh.

i dont know

smc =(
About the deformation?


omg... totally awesome xD

its easy

for something like this to survive the night. =P




almost! =DDDDDDDD

lol... no

i went to bed between its 8 and 14 hour mark. it jumped up 11 rates between those points.

15 minutes - 7rates
23 minutes - 11 rates
45 minutes - 13 rates… First 4/5 rating average
48 minutes - 19 rates
50 minutes - 20 rates… Back to 5/5 average
88 minutes - 22 rates
2 hours - 31 rates
3 hours - 33 rates
3 hours - 38 rates
4 hours - 39 rates
4 hours - 41 rates
5 hours - 43 rates
5 hours - 46 rates
6 hours - 47 rates
6 hours - 48 rates
7 hours - 48 rates
14 hours - 59 rates
14 hours - 60 rates
15 hours - 62 rates
current - 64 rates

well... 7-14 hours =P

the nose is just close to the foot...


jeez iban

have you been up since this was posted ? XD

=D thanks

diamondeye and lippi =D

and WBC, i just realized that the P and the I shadow in your EPIC picture is pi (3.14159) and not just the normal letters... =D


that'S so damn cool!
5aved5aved5aved = (faved5)³


This deserves the spot on the hotmaps :P


@ ppl

@ mcky, 50 yay =D
@ squibbles, im glad ive had that effect for this map, =]
@ some people... do you take 20 HOURS making the action maps you do? Plus there has been multiple successful maps on the hotmaps page since i've posted too btw.
@ the beak=feet people: Zapdos is known to have a very long beak. Its very long. I probably redid the beak and that foot area 5 times, and this is my finished product. =P I know that is kinda blends in, but I felt that I did a good job.
@ mc_george... actauly, discharge is a multiple move... in double battles it gets all pokemon on the field. Thunder is a more powerful move, plus its my favorite in the game...

heres my plan:

Zapdos doulbe battles with a water/ground type... like Swampert (starter, ev. from mudkip). Zapdos knows rain dance so first move is that one. It powers up swamperts water type moves, and makes thunders accuracy go from 70% to 100%

Then both know a move that hits everyone... Zapdos = discharge and Swampert = earthquake. discharge cannot his swampert though, because it is a ground type and earthquake cannot hit zapdos because its a flying type. perfect! =D

On their own, their particuarly powerful. while its raining, their moves are boosted to max potential. Thunder and a strong water type move.

The only thing that would give real trouble to this team is grass... and grass types are very rare to train. Plus in platnium version, Zapdos can learn heat wave... by tm. it would replace drill peck because the total attack is way lower than total special attack points.

plus heat wave is another double move... and im not even sure if it hits my other pokemon. If it does... swamperts part ground type AND water type! that means a fire type move will not be effective at all against a water/ground.




make that

60 =D


59 rates, my highest rated map i ever had =D
thanks everyone!


Background is cool

Good job.

That's one sexy Zapdos right there. :)

Also, having Discharge and Thunder on the one Pokemon is generally a bad idea. Kind of a waste seeing as both do the same thing.

How does it smell?


Yes. Feet.

I'll be honest.

Why the fuck does that thing have a foot for a nose?


nicely done

looks as if it's beak is a deformed claw connected to it's face though.
...right at the bottom of the Hot Maps page.

i love this,

but i can appreciate what martyr is saying. N is a game meant to be played, and you cant play n-arts, theyre just neat to look at, so when theyre on hotmaps for a long time it takes away time from other playable maps, which is what i think the vast majority of people are here for.

that aside, this is totally badass, great job man it deserves every bit of a 5.
@martyr n-arts are by the far the hardest thing to make. They deserve all the votes they get. Not only are they hard to do well, but they take a long time to do.
"How caaan I be looooost, if I've got nowhere to goooooo? Search for seas of goooold, how come it's got so col-WOW"

That last bit is what happened when I clicked on Hot Maps.

sorry martyr

and i pratically beat thousands of psyducks and golducks training zapdos wbc. =P

Suicune is

my favorite pokemon... next comes Psyduck.
n-art should hog hot maps as they do..