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Zapdos vs blissey = pointless, you will switch and get a toxic to the face or a Seismic Toss/ Ice Beam/ Flamethrower on the switch...
im_bad_at_N send out: Zapdos!
Pulse_Effects send out: Registeel!
Zapdos used: Rain Dance!
It started raining!
Registeel used: Thunder Wave!
Zapdos was paralyzed!
Registeel ( faster cuz of para duh ) used: Seismic Toss!
Zapdos lost 25% of it's health!
and soo n your zapdos gets paralyzed all the time and walled by my registeel until rain dance goes away cuz it also knows protect and heat wave won't do shit cuz of rain dance, while losing around 25% every time I use Seismic Toss and I setting up stealth rocks wich will do like a ton of dmg to zapdos when he switches in. Zapdos just got pwned by my UU regi, also I can always switch into Heatran with flash fire to absorb the Heat Waves wich isn't even needed because Heat Wave without rain dance wouldn't do shit to 150 base special defense stat, also I got a fancy Electivire for the thunderbolts. ( whee :3 )
PS: this didn't happen but it proves zapdos can be taken out by a standard wall / tank and thus isn't the best ( or coolest ^.^ ) ever~♥!


Unbelievable - just great of course 5/5
WTF!!!!!! 5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5 fo sho!


150 rates and 300 comments! =D


Your awsome i love your work i cant explane how awsome that is it deseves 100/5 not 5/5 its just awsome

This is

friggin AWESOME
cool description, too :)

looks like it's a battle between us and NO3 in the dronies


Your turn to release the next big n-art

wow i finally got irc to work haha


ur inbox :p

For the Forums

Go to Make an account on there, and then message me. My forum name is Steralise.

I know

very streange... "the glasses are off" got way more votes, but both lasted about the same on the top?!?

weird... =P


buddy, we can start the race any time you want now, forum name is Steralise. Sorry for the comment on etdeshons map, realized I came off as a bit of a jerk.

Again, well done.

I had a feeling today it would drop...I judged that of 'The Glasses Are Off' though, so it wouldn't have been too accurate. Different amounts of rates. :P
enjoyed my time at the top... i think some of you haters are glad to hear that I'm aiming for goal #3 on my profile, meaning no n-arts for a while.

deds to many people that really supported my map on my next map, a nice puzzlish map ;D

wait a sec

why have I not faved this yet

rock smash.

most powerful move. evar.



OH! and

don't forget the epic penguin pokemon!
awesome... and Luxray is a duzy too... there might be a couple others but I can't remember their names.

Ya know

Once pokemon got out of Hoenn most of the pokemon began to suck... only a few 4th gen are groovy.

Rock attack

when used by a gravler would probably put a Zapdos in trouble...


!!!!!!IT IS NOT AT TOP!!!! WE MUST RECTIFY THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol pulse_effect

when i said best.. i meant coolest, not the strongest. ^^

and it is a very strong move too btw... you listed 3-5 moves that could beat zapdos out of over 400-500 possible moves (there are plenty more for certain though..but ground type wont work ;]). and all those moves were on certain pokemon, that also happened to be legendaries as well.

although strong edge would bring my plans for a all bird team crashing down... if is was a common move learned. it isn't so =P

plus your forgetting my swampert i'm training next ^^

thanks though =D

xD you all make me laugh... on the inside though... dont want teachers looking to see what im doing =P


Stop flaming and GET A LIFE.

lol pulse_effects

don't try and counter the truth with all that rubbish fourth gen info.


the orange color is nice
in an earlier round
And sugar we're going down swinging...


is the best move in the game?
I'd like to see a Zapdos withstand a Draco Meteor from Choice Specs Latias or Mixed Salamence's Draco Meteor with life orb, same for choice Scarfed Heatran's Fireblast and also Thunder has a high probability of missing and to let is always hit you need to setp up Rain Dance first, Also you bring in a ground type with Stone Edge and you will be scared off, now about the map: I love it seriously 5/5 and fav'd :)
some more interesting stuff from irc:

<RandomDigits> Wow, man
<RandomDigits> that's...
<RandomDigits> wow.
<fireburnsfree> hey long did it take to make that?
<RandomDigits> 20 hours
<RandomDigits> <im_bad_at_n> i wanted to time it, but that failed... i think it was close to 20 hours...
<im_bad_at_n> lol, i should put that in the map description =P
<fireburnsfree> wow
<RandomDigits> :p
<ChrisE> you made zapdos, right?
<im_bad_at_n> yeah
<ChrisE> :D
<Radium> nice NART btw, very nce
<im_bad_at_n> thanks ;D
<josh> haha 89 peeps cant be wrong
<im_bad_at_n> 89?!?
<im_bad_at_n> awesome!!!
<josh> heck yes.
<josh> 11 away
<im_bad_at_n> ^^
* josh is tempted to whip up 11 more accounts ._.
<im_bad_at_n> =D me too
<josh> i'll make 5 1/2 and you make 5 1/2
* Geej ( has joined #n-mapping
<im_bad_at_n> its a plan ;D... just got a new email too
<josh> kewl kewl
<im_bad_at_n> heylo geej...
<josh> ello geej
<Geej> IBAN
<Geej> ur so close
<Geej> =D
<im_bad_at_n> i know =D
<josh> haha we know
<Geej> hi e'er' body
<josh> it's like new year
<im_bad_at_n> <josh> haha 89 peeps cant be wrong<im_bad_at_n> 89?!?<im_bad_at_n> awesome!!!<josh> heck yes.<josh> 11 away<im_bad_at_n> ^^
<im_bad_at_n> not 2 minutes b4 you got here
<Geej> nice
<josh> it's like new year
and my favorite one was when Geej or Josh (I think geej so i used him)... cant remember which (=S) said:

<Geej> even the snipers are like o_O

however, that was before my 100th rate when it was still 5/5 ^^

=O third?!?

^^ i enjoyd an awesome three days on top though =D:

15 minutes - 7rates
23 minutes - 11 rates
45 minutes - 13 rates… First 4/5 rating average
48 minutes - 19 rates
50 minutes - 20 rates… Back to 5/5 average
88 minutes - 22 rates
2 hours - 31 rates
3 hours - 33 rates
3 hours - 38 rates
4 hours - 39 rates
4 hours - 41 rates
5 hours - 43 rates
5 hours - 46 rates
6 hours - 47 rates
6 hours - 48 rates
7 hours - 48 rates
14 hours - 59 rates
14 hours - 60 rates
15 hours - 62 rates
15 hours - 64 rates
16 hours - 66 rates
16 hours - 68 rates
18 hours - 76 rates
18 hours - 77 rates
19 hours - 77 rates
21 hours - 82 rates
21 hours - 84 rates
21 hours - 87 rates
22 hours - 87 rates
22 hours - 89 rates
23 hours - 93 rates
23 hours - 96 rates
24 hours - 99 rates
24 hours - 100 rates
27 hours - 106 rates Back to 4/5 rating
40 hours - 115 rates Bypassed 135 other maps
42 hours - 117 rates
42 hours - 120 rates
10-17 - 130 rates
4:36 10/19 - 131 rates
7:23 10/19 - 133 rates
6:02 am 10/20 - 144 rates

oh snap!!!

Wake up>>Log On>>Click Hot Maps>>"Oh snap, Zapdos isn't first anymore!"

Yes, my exact actions throughout this morning have just been listed. I never thought that this was going to drop.


da_man has taken the top place on the hot maps page!!!!

wow lol...

this should just become a general discussion page for NUMA lol....
this is probably the longest ive seen a map up the top.
ive seen 2 or so, but not 3 as far as i call :P


I like your description.

Ooh shiney


3 days past

or 4? no 3. Now for the articuno. and the moltres. 3 /awesome/ spamming maps.