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because of random comments (like this) that never end.
but iban is still a hauss, so it's cool.
I think it is good.

still on. wow.

lol thanks a lot

atob, means a lot from you X]

I rate

your avatar 5/5!



I would gree

that a nice avatar


thanks a lot fbf, mnsrc, godless, aldaric, and jawbit ;D

& wow, in its avatar size, it looks really nice ^^

im going to sleep

this better still be up tomorow when I get home from school
my current state

sawwweeet :P 5

keep it goin 8P


OFF THE HOT PAGE lol jk great work.

yeah ^^




Afternoon Dragon

is a sloppy and rather amateurish nart.

There, I fucking said it! (again)
thats how long my last comment was...

@ heatwave... 1148 ratings, thats one crazy successful map ^^

@ lightning =O i outrated Feraligatr?!?!?!?!? woah, thats ALWAYS been one of my favorite n-arts ever =D

plus i outrated the other one too... ;D

& the only zapdos narts ive seen were my own (this and the original)... so in my opinion, its not overdone. please show me any others if they are existing ^^


Typhlosion is better than Feraligatr. And Psyduck is cuter than anyother pokemon.

=D 130 ^^

awesome =]

@ X2dhuifane... whatever the random letters are... yeah people can scroll down and yes there have been so very successful rated maps over the past two days... i know Viil had a race with over 20 rates which wouldn't be possible if this wasn't here. brassmachine made some good comments about complaining ;D

@ squibbles, thanks a lot =D

@ atob =( i like my birdy ^^

@ josh, yeah theres been more than a handful of maps with way more comments and rates =P Thanks with all your support particularly... im adding you and Geej to my profile as favorite authors after this long comment is finished. =D

@ Jawbit, im enjoying it very nicely ;D its been a very fun time... and that would be true with everybody =]

@ ... TECHNOCHOCOLATE! fix that virus problem, i want to play more maps made by you ^^ thanks for commenting this one too btw. =D

@ viil... your confusing me again ?_?

@ everyone i missed, thanks a lot for your support! =D
Zapdos is lame and easy and overdone. I suggest a fully defined Regigigas.

Also, apparently nobody here has seen:
Jaguar []
A cooler pokemon []

P.S. Not all pokemon reach lvl 100 at 1250000 exp.

Of course I have.

I don't think anyone in the past 40 comments has said that it was the best N-art ever; we weren't comparing to anything in the past.

out of the first 250 anyway. I've never played anything past crystal. But still: Minimize, Recover, Psychic, Bubblebeam, and most often fastest on my team.

frigin' awesome remake! I don't have the time to do things like that anymore :(.

so iban

how're you enjoying your reign?
@ joshgiscool yea espada777777 has one wit like 436 or somffin like that its another insane n-art

is there a map

w/any more comments than this?

Thats cool atob

now no one can complain.

For anyone

who's already seen this and wants to skip the bird while it perches at the top, use this link from now on:

Once this drops I'm releasing my next one hehehe

You play it on gameboy or pc..?

Dude it took 20 hours? Impressive stuff
It's been up here for 2 days.

125 lol


haha it's still up?


Looks nice.

Still on the top eh..? :D