Ominous Racetrack

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Author Skate1168
Tags author:skate1168 fast race racetrack rated speed teleporters
Created 2009-10-18
Last Modified 2010-02-01
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description This is my third race map. A key difference in this race map is my first map with teleporters! I figured out how to make teleporters by downloading this tutorial I found here. [] I used the tileset OMNI by WordBlamCreator. Please give him some credit. You can find his tileset here. [] Please Rate AND comment! Enjoy!

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i would rate your maps 5/5
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...I did that in my edited version, it is my newest map as of this post. Click on my name and you can find it. :D

Very good

Though I would have added a 1/2 power lauchpad just under the door switch. 4/5
...but it says I can't because it's rated. I may sumbit a new, edited version. :)

not very good

All the teleporters are very simple and not hard at all to do. The flow is boring, and very broken in some parts. It also looks bad

still fun tho
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I always wanted to know how to do that...


btw, 2,5 rounded down.


Sorry, I was going to leave a comment, but I forgot! :P
and nice teleporters, but enemy placement realy sucked. there wasn't any close-calls at all! and the route was un-exiting. try to look up some other race-map-makers like riobe or _destiny^-


this is exactly what I had in mind for a teleporter map.
Still have to play it but the lay out is perfect.

YAY! Another use!

...But I thought I asked the person to leave a comment on the map saying they used it.. either way look interesting. Faved for later.


Bit too much gold (tho it does look and feel good I admit) and it lost it's flow completely when you got to the exit switch but otherwise good. :)

You know, to make drones stand still, you can just type "NAN" after their code and they won't move. Much better than putting doors around them. :)

Almost a 1000

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Good tip Aldaric!

Good idea! I will consider that. BTW, I think you accidently double-posted. :P a tutorial on teleporters. This link is to the old forums, but you can see to download right away! :D

This is the link! []

Oh, and here is my demo data! :D
Demo Data
I think you should make a teleporter from the door key to the door.
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I think you should make a teleporter from the door key to the door.
Demo Data

This tileset

is Amazing! I love it! =3
Ima gonna play it.


teleporting map dont even understand how to do them but still great work great enemy placement 5 from me one of your best maps yet well done :)