Beat it in 80 Seconds

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Author Sahathai
Tags author:sahathai beatable challenging hard nreality race rated
Created 2009-10-19
Last Modified 2009-10-19
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Just beat it! Just beat it!
Don't give up!

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But bad execution, no offense.
3/5 for the idea.
Went too fast, oops.
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Shit! So long, so hard... But so funny. 5avorited.

Nice drone lol

pretty dull
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Tell me

how you do the gold drone. and a 5/5 is waiting.....

No Flow = No Race = No Rating...

this isnt a race.

this is just one of those maps where you try and get to one end and repeat everything again. very boring. nr
because I died at the front of the exit door.
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