SNolar System

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Author jslimb
Tags author:jslimb featured n-art nreality orbit planet rated solar-system
Created 2009-10-20
Last Modified 2009-12-31
by 71 people.
Map Data

Description Look. All the Drone planet orbits a Alarm-drone..
This is the SNolar System.
/////////This Needs Nreality.
/////Download 'NReality6d4' at [].

P.S. Did this sort of n-art have been discovered?

This map was featured on 2011-10-28

N: The final frontier. These are the principles of our great community: our ongoing mission, to explore new ways of using N, seeking out new mechanics and enhancements. To boldly go where no mapper has gone before.

Our charter is to seek out new and exciting maps and this qualifies as one of the most unique I’ve ever seen.


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and found this. 5/5 and faved!

Cool idea



I earlier commented on this o_0

Triple hit

Demo Data


rule already said that: "I Like.
How they all align every now and then. 5aved."





i scored!
Demo Data


I am commenting now that I know how to use nreality mods now, when I first commented on your map (which was the first Nreality map I had ever viewed in my life), I was blown away! I just wanted to tell you that you used the circular pathing and color mods very well! If I hadn't rated it 5/5 already I would rate it 5/5! :D

*Faved* :D





but its not very replicative

I was

using the Death-ring drone with a circular-rotating object and suddenly had this idea.

I dub it....

N-imation! How did you think of this?


I'm surprised no one's noticed this - every 720 frames, the 'planets' realign. But yeah, awesome N-art. 4aved.


for everybody who are still interested about this.
I never seen my map had very many comments before.
Almost everybody's opinion could edit it better.
And Skate1168, this is the Nreality's attraction. There are many sources(the program of 'ModMaster' is also convenient) to make the N-Map more tasty. There are rocky-drones, gold-drones, death-circle-drones, rotating-laser, galactic-gold, moving-mines, ghost-drones, etc.
Look []!


the red planets blank eye has an illusion of moving when it orbits. just look

cool beans

Cool solar system

map. But the planets nearer the sun should be faster. Correct this, okay? But, anyway, 5aved.

My Ninja

exploded when the drones a-lined. XD




I have seen a laser drone that steals gold in antoher level how do you do this??!!

How did you... this?


I just downloaded N reality ZOMG!!!
nice map
Demo Data


Shouldn't the planets/drones closer to the center be moving faster?

you should be proud

thats the most enthusiastic I've ever seen Meta about a map...

Anyway, this is awesome, and bonus points for originality! 5/5

Why don't you put an image in the background?
Of space, for comparison

Thats really nice

and very creative :) good job


sweet stuff


how do you do this?
Good Luck. There are so many recorded satellites to make your head spin. This is pretty good based on the limits of n reality.

Why don't you make an action map with an oscillating kill zone? --where you have to run in and out of areas before it reaches you?

Also, we should nuke Pluto.


eight planets*
unless pluto has been reinstated.

You mean satellites?
And it would be cool if you polish this, and make it with nine planets.

I Like.

How they all align every now and then. 5aved.

would be better if it moved like a solar system would and if green and red didn't move in sync

If you edit the tiles, you can climb on the colored zap drones... some drones exude a force fields... and the red circle kills you. This is awesome.