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Author espada777777
Tags author:espada777777 featured flower-people rated
Created 2009-10-21
Last Modified 2009-10-21
by 105 people.
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Description DED to whoever thinks they deserve it (that means you Palemoon and T3chno)

This map was featured on 2011-05-12

Roses are red, Violets are blue.

The rose has for a rather long time now been a symbol of beauty, inspiring artists all over the world with its spectacular form and subtle hue. From Shakespeare to Maxson, the inherent romanticism of the flower captivates its audience and prompts love, romance and poeticism. This rose is no different. — squibbles

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with harry potter.


I could tell you to stop bringing up this tiresome argument. Or I could take a nap.


featuring maps with no featuring material. May the art be good, but featuring art is just ridiculous
and the day before that. and the day before that. and the day before that and the day before that and the day before that and the day
that's playable and not a dda?

much better

review than your last lovely n-art and review



You carved a niche into my heart.

Best map ever.

No lie.

Oh yeah

I remember this, I also remember trolling Espada under the guise of Kanye West.
I mean, there isn't a finite amount of features.

Mmmm just as it used to appear in my mind xD
Is it just me who thinks a feature should go to an awesome but Overlooked map? this has 88 ratings and I really wouldn't call it overlooked.
Anyway gratz on the feature ;)

Just as good

as I remembered
And this is absolutely going into my faves.
Just woke up, have to run.

Sorry that it's a little brief, and a lottle boring.

Rater number

85! more rates than I have gotten in my life as of june 17. AWSOME!!!


Awesome detail, and I love the shading. I wish the color didn't look so checkered, but all in all this is really nice. 5aved.

No kidding

when I say this is the best N-art I have seen yet.

I voted for this for the dronies for you too :D

I <3 <3 <3 this/


i just looked through some of your art and this is by far the best one. your a god at n art


It must be your best. I really loved it.


Totally epic.
Nice work

ok then ;D

I'll plan one i guess ^^

its definetly between us three for the dronies. =]
Not pink! If you think this looks pink then you need you eyes fixed!


Checkered, what does red+white give you, pink.
100%. it's beautiful, but some people just want to see a reason why it's not amazing. i can truely say that it is "flawless".
You're forced to make the thumb ugly, there's no other way. It's hard to make a picture with splotches of mines+gold(to make orange) and door keys+gold(to make green) beautiful in full. (Or what ever color combination you want to use.)


you get tingly sensations when looking at this? and I hope you spelled masterpiece like that on purpose. The checkered mines make a nice pink.

c'mon rt. it's pretty much impossible to make an n-art look good full and thumb. he's obviously didn't even try to make it a good full view, so don't dock him for it.
Words cannot describe the tingly sensation that is currently rippling through various parts of my body.




narts are the perennial over-rated. Yeah it looks great, but most narts look great. Plus in full view it looks terrible. This is an above average to very good nart at best.
And I see it's back to 5/5 w/ 51 votes


Add the n-art tag ;)


Stick to these..... And I'll nominate you.


hola Leo!

Sorry to my last thing I said I meant ugly zooming in the thumb