Coolness is Having Courage

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Author origami_alligator
Tags author:origami_alligator brttrx featured jerrod kkstrong retile unrated
Created 2009-10-21
Last Modified 2009-10-21
Map Data

Description ReTile with kkstrong, rocket_thumped and Brttrx.

From kkstrong. []

This map was featured on 2009-11-15

Meet the flowiest retile map you’ll ever experience. Jumbled tiles play off of jumbled objects to make an altogether jumbled map which somehow has an overriding theme even though part was kk’s (and Riobe’s) and part was southpaw’s.

Yet perhaps the tile placement was not as random as it would appear to be at first, because each gold clump is protected through the cracks by at least one effective enemy, and the ninja can glide through this map like he owns it without any awkwardity.

Coolness, you’ll admit after a few tries, rather comes with the fucking package.

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no recollection of this whatsoever. good times.

Disablenessage, please. I thought this account already was.

Three words:



1/5 for trying.
and i think all the mechanics presented here are very interesting and fun.

now where the hell did i say it was /fun/?

christ. putting words in my goddamn mouth.
and I didn't find any of the mechanics to be particularly interesting or fun.
dun mean ya shouldn't comment!

Haha techno

that's how I read it at first :p

Meet the flowiest

reptile map you’ll ever experience.


Great feature. :)

99 words

... and no bribe. ;)
And made tiles around it for gameplay.


no wonder it's good; all four of you made it o_o

The Word Awkwardity

is full of awkwardity.

Fair's fair.



yo pawz

whenever you get on can you relist my dedication map for Kels?

it's been a couple days, nothing is goin to spark up from it anymore, and I didn't anticipate anything starting up in the first place, but whatevs. If you could do that for me that would be great :)

After nearly two hours solid of trying, I finally did it.

Demo submitted on nreality. Hazardous agd indeed.

I have some determination. <3

Really great object placement southpaw. And I thought that chaingun couldn't have been placed better. Gold was amazing to collect.
I'll be busy agd-ing this badass for the next half hour :3

sorry its


hey can you

disable pyro_111's ratings...made it for posting n-reality maps...thought I would inform you.


Sixty-odd times I played this, and that's the first one where I missed a gold in the beginning. But I win in the end.
Demo Data


You somehow didn't limit the effectiveness of a single enemy, yet this is absolutely frothing with routes.

Faved, because I know without looking up that I can't rate it. :P


Courage to do what's right!
I'll try to remember always!
Just to have a good time!