2-3 The Enhancer

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Author xXSc3n1cXx
Tags author:xxsc3n1cxx boo map rated series thisisanimprovementmapyoustupidsniperssofuckallyousnipingbitchesexclamaationmark
Created 2009-10-22
Last Modified 2009-10-22
by 10 people.
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Description Tell me what could be better about this map. that is the point. and PLEASE rate it. i get , like zero rates.

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I played this map in userlevels and liked it a lot. Sorry, I should've given u a 1 instead of a zero.

Unrated movies are always more entertaining than the rated ones o.0

But if you really want me to rate it, I'll do it. 0/5

i did play test.

and thank you, but THE THWUMPS DON'T MOVE?????? WTF??? i know it works on mine.....
work on your gold placement. Avoid placing it so it's either really annoying extra fiddly movement to get like the piece at the bottom-left of the central square or so that its just along the line you have to take adding nothing like on the right squiggly bit.

Avoid repetitive sections like the right and top.

Generally the less doors and traps in a map the better. Try to never use more than 2 to archive a single thing. Don't use them to box enemys in like the gause or out like the left-middle rocket its nooby and poor design. Don't place door-keys under gold.

Play-test your levels if you had you could have avoided a lot of these problems and you would have seen the thwumps don't move.

There's lots more but thats enough for now hope it helps agd :)
Demo Data

Good challenge

Challenging AND aesthetically pleasing. 4/5

this map

was good enough for a 5 so 5