1 Single Enemy

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Author xXSc3n1cXx
Tags 1enemy agd author:xxsc3n1cxx funfunfun rated speedrun
Created 2009-10-22
Last Modified 2009-10-22
by 6 people.
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Description That's All! Just one! Avalible now at xXSc3n1cXx's Speedrunning Shop!

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it says 'rate this jerks!!!'

It was nothing serious, just a joke really :P


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The last one is slow.
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somewhat hasty

The maps fun, for a tiny bit.
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Two reasons, really.

1. You called me a jerk -.-
2. You wouldnt like the rating, and i don't want to have to rant on about why i gave it a bad rating right now *yawns* ...I'm going to bed instead.
I can't calculate the rate at which the Ninja is moving.
therefore, no rating.


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