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Author Droqen
Tags action author:droqen rated rocket
Created 2009-10-22
Last Modified 2009-10-22
by 5 people.
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Description You see that rocket? Well, it HATES you. It hates you with EVERY FIBRE OF ITS BEING. It would just love to beat the shit out of you. Or blow you into several pieces, most likely about five.

So I hope you enjoy this little tiny one-enemy thing I've got going on here.

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Glad you liked it!

:D Yay it's another rated map!

Here, have an AGD demo with an OH SHIT moment at the end.
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looks so simple

but the level was definitely more complex than it seems. beautifully constucted, I love how the only way out of the box is to make the rocket loop out and jump through quick.

btw 3

(above average)

slow speed-run

decent. Nice rocket placement.
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Crazy fun

favorited for such amazing gameplay. it was addicting and i love the smart rocket hater. 5/5 very very good
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