Waves Come Crashing

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Author martyr
Tags action author:martyr classical playable rated
Created 2009-10-24
Last Modified 2009-10-24
by 14 people.
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Description Beautiful, first map not for MoA.
I've been trying to go back to the classic era, and take cartography from the days when I began to map.
Well, I know I never get tired of this piece, Number 231: Waves Come Crashing

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This is a cool map.

Such a nice concept. Faved!

we should

collab some time ;)

bad map, not a fan of these type of tiles, but map's good.
Demo Data

i will credit you

it will be up in a bit cause i have to put a good description. thank you

i will

pastebin you its easier for me thanks almost done one sec

i do

you can use my e-mail or pastebin it here

ok cool

could i run it by you and see what you think because i want this to be really good a lot of my family died in WW1 so its got to be special. do you have nreality?

go ahead haha

don't forget to credit if you feel the need. you can use other peoples elements, because 90% of the time they're borrowed. not much this community hasn't seen

might do something

more like this if you dont mind.
Tiles create a nice atmosphere and contribute well to the gameplay.
There is quite a bit of gold but it doesn't feel like a burden to get.
Also, it seems my watch goes at half speed ;p

Only a four. Still the best map on the Hot Maps. Good on you for mapping a little.


You'll know once you're an old enough map maker
I love the aesthetics of the map as well as the gameplay. Its mechanics are wonderful and the places where you do not "use" the tileset, it's also very good-looking.
5/5 and an AGD.
Demo Data

what is moa

first map?

First map?!
you must be new around here

Two things:

You should get on IRC,
I would love to collab with you,
And I will comment on the map within 24 hours ;p

your first map?

iz that what this is? cuz its good for a first map.