2-3 Why does th game make my computer so laggy?

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Author xXSc3n1cXx
Tags author:xxsc3n1cxx fun playable rated series speedrun
Created 2009-10-25
Last Modified 2009-10-25
by 6 people.
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Description I play it, and as long as it running, internet explorer is slow, freaking everything is slow. i have 3 GIGABYTES of RAM though!! WTF??

BTW, Im making a Randy Rhoads Tribute map later this year. Watch fo it.

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first time
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this map

was pretty cool bit hard for me. could you have a look at my newest map its getting no attension and i cant submit my new map till its rated.

Fifth try

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Fourth try.
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Randy Rhoads was a legend. I have a Jackson Rhoads as my main guitar ;)

First try agd :D
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First try agd :D
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map name either!!!! AHHHH!
map name either!!!! AHHHH!