I hate it when people stare at you

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading people rated staring
Created 2009-10-25
Last Modified 2009-10-25
by 12 people.
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Description this is a resubmitted map from my last i took away the mine and left floorguard you may now play the map hope you like it now its possible. ded to anyone who wants it.

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great map

this would have been excelent in an episode

the blocks of gold kinda look a bit ugly, they have good placement but could be designed better.

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dont worry

Ive made about 180 maps, youve made 42. Ive been here almost a year, and your more recent than that. Youll make those maps eventually ^^

plus idk about you, but for being at only #42, your very good =D
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don't we all :)

fun map

its k

its just you DO give out high ratings alot...
feel free to ask questions

Can't try it now.
Need to get of computer.

Oh, .sol.
It's the Flash memory file. All of your N progress are stored in it. You can put on, for example, a USB drive so you can go on another computer, restore your .sol and play from your progress-

a. I don't know exactly what it is

b. I never encountered any problems when downloading N, NReality, or the ModMaster.

Forget about your .sol is my advice XD

Good map, although the right part of tileset looks ugly.

i dont know

what the sol file is. I dont remember encountering any problems when I downloaded it, sorry.

ok cheers

ZTHING but i still dont no how to back up my sol

nice map

it took me some time to do :) i like it a lot
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here. [] Click on the link that says NReality6d4


the thumps were nice, the gold was a tad annoying, but the oneway cheating and the rocket were cool. Tiles were very safe, but functional.
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Now can you try it :)

I cant

Complete any of my maps im to shit but i bet it is possible let me readjust it slighty

here's an apgd

i thought there might be something behind that thwump, but there wasn't. why don't you post a demo showing it's possible? that seems like a more logical thing to do, considering you made this level.
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Playtest your maps.

Or don't submit them.
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how tell

me now please. If its impossible post and AGD so i can see where i went wrong. thx :)



Its good

you listened to people this map is a lot better now its possible.