Granted Access

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Author MattyMc13
Tags 50 author:mattymc13 flow fun race rated resub
Created 2009-10-25
Last Modified 2009-10-25
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description Woo 50th map!
Resubbed because of a couple of fixed problems people had with the map.
Ded to everybody who commented or played my maps, and who helped make me feel a part of the NUMA community.
It's a short race, but a good one.

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No more GREGOR

4. I can never hit that upper-right launchpad, and i die sometimes when I do. Otherwise, good (but generic) flow and good graphics.
i like it. flow was really nice and i really like the floaty launchpads - they're just different. congrats on 50 :)

sounds like a nice idea :D
, but then I forgot :/

Well, I like the style of the race and how the tiles, gold and the launchpads fit together... The flow is pretty good and the enemies work well :]
I don't like the left side very much, because sometimes when I jumped into that diagonal launchpad I bumped against the 3-tile below this 6-tile slope and in the upper area something happened you can see in my demo. :P

But beside this it's a very good race... Congrats and 4.5 :]
(And you should make a collab account with rit xD...)
Demo Data

hey I really like collabing with you.. you wanna collab again or maybe wait a bit.. whatever you want

thanks guys

it's been resubbed due to a fixed rocket and fixed tile accidentally killing you when you hit a launchpad

congrats :D

i need to get a move on lol... i'm only on map 33...

this was fun and easy...finished on my first try.
there were maybe a few too many launch pads, and i didn't really like the bottom section.

otherwise a 4.5v


it was very nice, a bit tricky at times.

check your pms

congratz again xD..

Gratz on your 50.

I remember my 50...
Im working for my 400th xD

This map is

Mr. Doctor Professor Big Pimpin', Sir, to you, and a 5/5 from me.
Didn't even notice the changes but the flow was much better. Love the atmosphere!
Demo Data
plus nice 50th btw. I liked the original too =D

was fun

i enjoyed it. 4.5v/5. why the resub?
Demo Data

That mine at the end keeps killing me ;-;
ah well.