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Author etdeshon
Tags author:etdeshon playable race unrated
Created 2009-10-26
Last Modified 2009-10-26
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Description this is nothing great. just a whatever map. not allowing ratings cause i know it will get rated low. but i just wanted to post something and let everyone know im done with making maps for a while. i will collab and will constantly be on here checking out maps and such, but im not gonna make any maps for a while.

Oh and there is only a few enemies and no gold. Enjoy.

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Faster than my last

I don't really remember playing it though :S

But I like the differences between closed and open spaces :)
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Demo Data

good job

for a quikie. You have no excuse to stop mapping >:(

when is our collab

going to get submitted. Go on, submit it! Think of a name! I don't care if it sounds stupid!

i enjoyed this

good to know you'll still be around though ^^


You didn't finish this yourself. Hows our collab going btw.


i said, im up for collabing with anyone, just send me a message.

want to collab with me =) ?

im always

up for collabing with anyone. just message me on the forums under this username.

nice map

a bit empty of enemies though. Its a nice fun map with good flow ^^
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Demo Data


hehe get it? I'll collab with you if you want.

its a

decent race regarding length.
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