a trip down memory lane

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Author Ncouraging
Tags author:ncouraging lol rated tileset usable
Created 2009-10-26
Last Modified 2009-12-15
by 11 people.
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Description If you wish, you may use this tileset, just tell me about it, and credit me.

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spoko jestem tylko se troche przerwy zrobilem i gralem w mineblocks'a , cs 1.6 , cs2d , i minecrafta ale teraz juz bed gral :x zrobie jakas fajna mapke jeszcze i bedzie ok a pozniej to zobacze xD

Some of the most overused tiles lol

i used it
nice comment there Brttrx, that's a real confidence booster right there. You should do motivational speeches.

You suck

at everything n related.

Nice tiles.

Good for speed runs.

3.5/5 up
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Used your tiles

Framed []


here []

used them.

ill get a link.


i guess this is a good speeding map :D

use it ZTHING!

I can forsee a great level made from this...


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Demo Data

kinda a speed

i gueshsh
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