Prophets of War

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Author etdeshon
Tags author:etdeshon dtf mattycollab race rated
Created 2009-10-27
Last Modified 2009-10-27
by 9 people.
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Description A collab between Mattymc and I. I believe its pretty good. ^^

Another name from Dream Theater. My favorite band as you may not know by now. Definately should check them out. Ill shoot a link for this song in my demo. Anyways! Enjoy as much as we did! =)

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5/5 personally, I LOVE messy objects and non-amazing tiles(no offense) this is a really nice race map. fun, long and enjoyable. Nice work.

very fun

very nice great map enjoyable 5

try its the exact same thing

Whats going on with our collab.. ?

i liked

the thwumps the most. ^^
good old fun race....

agree about the asthetics though,,,but they weren't bad.
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I liked it, I'd love to collab again with you, but if we do-better tiles :)
such as the demo below (which shows the biggest one really). the others were just minor things like clipping the tile as your rise up out of the bottom left and up the left wall.

The flow that worked was actually brilliant. The best moment being at the right side descent, where you run across the retracting thwump for just a second, so that you land neatly on the next slope. That was great.

Unfortunately, aesthetics are pretty poor here, sloppily placed mines and, to be frank, pretty ugly tiles are the faults. There is theme though, but it's very unrefined. Im not sure if that was accidental or not.

good fun race though, all things considered. if it wasnt for the flor error shown in my first demo, i'd give this a 4. But because there is such a major flow problem, i have to lower it to a 3.5v
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Demo Data


Very nice use of thwumps, imo, I think that the rockets good have been a bit more effective. And also agree with Rit, aesthetics could have been a lot better. Never the less, they weren't bad. 4.
I always hit the end of the 6tile and go straight down into the mine or the rocket fires early and I go straight into it. When i did ever make it past that (3-4 times) then I couldnt make the long jump... =P

... A FEW MORE TRies later, I made this demo (as seen my the temporary caps =P...) The use of thwumps was rather spectacular too btw.

matty uses rockets alot in his races ^^... and in a difficult way xP

agd -2
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Flow is nice, but you both could've done way better at aesthetics ... still nice :)

oh I was waiting for this :P


thwump mine and rocket action! have fun!

Prophets of War - Dream Theater []
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