Underwater world

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading rated under water world
Created 2009-10-29
Last Modified 2009-10-29
by 12 people.
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Description Its a tile-set credit if use :)

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twas alright. 3

Ok, cool

The tiles are great, but the gameplay needed some work. These are some edits I made, but feel free to take them out and change whatever you don't like, it is your map.



you want me to "rough" the tiles right? I'd be glad to.

no problem

i also added links to all my fav authors list. youre in it, as well as im bad at n

thx soo

much everyone finally got a 5/5 map!!!

ohh yeah

its is a good tileset youre getting better:)


rated and played all your maps :) (took forever lol) but it was worth it i love ur pokemon n-arts i love pokemon my next map will be ded to you :)

very cool ^^

Thanks a lot for commenting on alot if not all my maps =D

cool tile-set

your best so far i think


you can use if u want :)