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Author apse
Tags action author:apse featured playable rated
Created 2009-10-30
Last Modified 2010-12-08
by 23 people.
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Description The whereabouts of the ancient shrine of gold, is a matter hotly disputed among many communities of ninjas around the world. Some ninjas are positive that such a place doesn't exist, but they are mistaken. Only a few, those who have lived long and successful lives, are honoured with the knowledge of the position of the shrine. It is rumoured to be full of sacred gold, said to be made of pure, compressed time, that gives you everlasting life. The shrine is said to be situated in a particularly rigid spot in time itself. A door in the entrance chamber of the shrine is connected to another at the bottom of The Pit of Drones. You, a young, determined and unusually talented ninja, have managed to extract the information on how to find the shrine and have just reached the door at the bottom of The Pit, having already made your way past many a patrolling drone and turret. Passing through the door into the entrance chamber, you hear the faint clank of machinery. Dropping down onto a platform, you are greeted with several vigilant yet rusty, old drones, which continually patrol the rooms in an attempt to keep out any intruding ninja. The musty air reeks of oil, the walls are covered with scorch marks and mines, a white haze billows through small cracks as pure time leaks through the solid walls, and dotted around the place are more zap drones who have long since lost the ability to move and just sit silently, still. The only comforting thing is the warm glow of the gold lying in the deep vaults.
Your job - collect all the gold that left over from previous ninja looting parties in the first three vaults, then try and discover the way into the fourth hidden vault, and a way to freedom.

stories ftw.

This map was featured on 2011-04-01


Dear NUMA,
ChrisE here! I'm just enjoying my holiday out here in the tropics... sun... sea... sand... an ancient temple full of sacred gold... Yeah! That's right!
You didn't believe me when I said it existed, but I didn't mind. It meant I got to keep the treasure for myself, but I've taken my fill, and I thought I'd let you guys know about it.
Some of the safety mechanisms still work... and the jumps are tricky, but we are NINJAS. There's also a cool teleporter mechanism, if you can find it...

P.S. There is definitely NOT a curse. — ChrisE

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The left room was frustrating as hell, mostly because it had been a long way to get there, just to die stupidly by touching a drone in that tight space. Otherwise I enjoyed this greatly. 4/5
There's an apse for that.

Meh, stage seemed cramped, and predictable.
But, I really liked the description. 3.5/5?
apse has always been one of my favorite mappers here, but he has done much, MUCH better than this.
I liked the review.
"Hey look everybody, the featurers are incompetent" appraoch.

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it felt really gimmicky and easy to play. while it was enjoyable the first time, after that it got far too easy and boring. 3


The nan'd drones seem like true glitches, and the free drones feel far too restrictive. The chamber on the left with the thwumps is a frightful mess.

I honestly can't find anything about this to set it as above average.

Yeah ChrisE.

You don't feature features enough.


you should have featured one of 29403's featured maps ;_;

Sub 1900 AGD

Less badass, but quicker.

This map gets insanely easier with each retry
Demo Data
I don't like how the drone paths seem to want to make you wait so much (or at least do near impossible things to get through). The gameplay is fun though, a bit touch and go.
Demo Data

I love this map,, re-playable. Great feature choice!

faster (yet still slow) agd
Demo Data

Really cool,

some great atmosphere here. 4.5^

NaN'd drones ;_;

congrats on feature.


thanks chrise!

ah, my bad.

still, those who can see it will appreciate my reasoning.


1) The map looks nice, I will play it later.
2) "This video contains content from SME. It is not available in your country."
1) It only applies for half the day, and featuring an awful map is harsh.

2) There is no reason two. []

Kinda disappointed

that you didn't do some sort of april fools joke.


this level is still brilliant. Love it.


But probably like 5


First fave in a while but this deserves

yeah well

i had some inspiration.
i like this map.

Oh wow

this is lovely. Arguably your best map ever. I normally hate teleporters, but this one just works.


Ah how wonderful, A real map this evening

Excellent teleporter.

Well worth a 5

Vote for featured


glad you like it



and a great Tileset... Love it!


Gold, good description,well-timed drones, teleporters, mor-than-one exit, well-placed mines, hidden objects, a challenge, and a mystic 2nd exit - Totally Brilliant!
Everything I like + a little more: 5aved! :D :D :D

slow agd

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