The Sailor Flags

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Author Oldan
Tags author:oldan cool first map rated sailor
Created 2009-10-30
Last Modified 2009-10-30
by 9 people.
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Description first map ^^


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much better demo

could MAYBE be sub 300..... just thinking out loud here
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fastest speed

on NReality
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welcome to numa!

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4/5 for the first one

Welcome to NUMA

You seem to have grasped the basics of mapping; the rockets are pretty effective, although I think one in each section might have worked just as well. The gauss doesn't really see any action, and I think there's too much gold; I'd also say that it's a bit on the long side. You've steered clear of spamming stuff, though, which is good. Nice for a first, keep it up!


step inside please

welcome to numa

too many

rockets a little to much gold as well but not a bad first map i guess so 4/5