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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading rated reading ultimate zthing
Created 2009-10-30
Last Modified 2009-10-30
by 16 people.
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Description I tried a different style i think this is different to my maps you may think not. Thank you ZTHING for editting it to make it amazing :D. Ded to Im_bad_at_n because he deserves one. If you want a ded just ask.

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im favoriting it
the tiles are the best part, and the gold and mine placement are just after them. good enemy placement


wanna do a collab sometime?
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great map

5/5 :)

And here's an AGD

I thought the bottom left switch and getting back up was brutal (I tried a lot of ways to get back up) :/ Everything else I liked.
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Here's the part I like:
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I agree Jawbit

nice job doing an obscure style. and thanks for the input, I prolly won't change that map cus I'm afraid to ruin it.

very nice

good to see you trying out different styles, you've done quite good with this one

AGD demo :D

Slow AGD demo... ._.
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collab done!
i hope u like it as much as i do. :D
ask destiny or skyline, sorry I can't help :)

hard but cool

liked. agd would be fun.

Well actually they were my triangles but yeah, I would have said yeah. Good map.

i asked

him if i could and he said yes

Triangles look like they were stolen from orangekraken's new map.

woo two

maps with 5/5 in a row :D


for rating and commenting, ultimatereading, here's no. 5!
fun map, good action :)

good agd

apart from the death lol. glad to give you a ded you did deserve one anyway :D hope you liked it

agd death

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agd death

very fun map, i especially like the gold design with the mine =D

thanks for the ded =]
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cool map i though the bottom left was pretty hard but still amazing 4/5