The middle

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading middle rated
Created 2009-10-30
Last Modified 2009-10-30
by 8 people.
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Description ded to anyone who wants it. sequel to the beginning hope you like it :) i think its a better version but you choose.

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Epic death

Epic death.
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thanks for asking me, I guess this one may be nomination worthy:

thanks :D


its fun


The tiles on the middle right don't fit... and the gold doesn't, too. :/ ... The gold at the beginning is extremely hard to collect, the exit switch is annoyingly placed, too. I'd have deleted the mine in front of the exit switch, that would have made it easier.

But you're improving, though... I like "I'm going around...", "Trapped Below" and "The Beginning"... They're not perfect, but have some good gameplay and don't look too bad.^^ I think you're "one step higher on the stairs of mapmaking" or something, but I also think that you shouldn't be so rate-greedy :P... 2 rates, 4 comments, that would be pretty average for most of my maps.

nice tiles

didn't like the gold very much.
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with im_bad_at_n, so i cant collab for The End, but im up for a collab later

this is good

but i think the first was better...remember, single pieces of gold are very annoying to collect. Try to put them in clumps...but still, this style suits you. 4/5


map this is plretty good cant wait until the end :)