A Room Full of Junk

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Author therealone
Tags author:therealone crazy dda ddedda fast featured flowy rated
Created 2009-10-30
Last Modified 2009-11-25
by 81 people.
Map Data

Description I made this map to show case a bunch of tricks that can be done in this game. No objects in this map are glitched or code edited in anyway. All of the tricks that are done in my AGD demo can be done in real time they are just very difficult.

So sit back and enjoy the demo I have posted. Also feel free to play the map it can be completed with out any of the tricks that I do in my run.

This map was featured on 2011-08-08

This map feels like an incredibly choreographed dance. It needs to be perfectly precise to be completed, and it's outside the ability of almost everyone. I can't do it, but like all dances, there is someone showing us the steps - teaching us the precision.

It's not really a DDA. It's not really an action. It is enigmatic as hell. And it is definately something incredible.

So watch the demo then try the map. You might just be the next Vaslav Nijinsky. — squibbles

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It's a good start though.
Demo Data

Guess what?

I'm already working on one of these!


I would call this a trivern!



Just amazing.

Nice job with constructing the demo, you and terminator. Faved!


That is an excellent run there. Very impressive to complete it in underclock. Since the map and the demo were made at the same time there are very few mistakes you could make and still have your demo work. Well done.

You should see how far Meta_ing got on my Ode to Thwumps DDEDDA in realtime.
I am so happy that this got featured. I am glad people still enjoy this map. People should check out the other two maps I made that are like this. Where you just watch the demo I have built for the map. Just to clarify I used FBF to make the demo for this map, but the demo was made simultaneously with the map.

I'll be honest

never liked, never will. nothing wrong with it, just doesn't appeal to me like it really should.


I needed 10 hours to do it with underclock,
I don´t want to know how much it would take to complete it that way in realtime
thats ok, it has got merit doing it in underclock well done then, i thought you were claiming you had done it realtime, sorry if i was rude in that comment ;)


Yeah, I did use underclock.
I didn´t use FBF..


doesnt matter what you say, that run is obviously not done realtime, i can understand people with no experience can believe you, but i can just asure everybody thats not realtime

however you said you didnt used fbf, so i supose you MBDed it, since it would be also pretty hard to do it on underclock

i want others highscorers opinion, but still without a nreality demo i dont think any of them will believe you, seriously ive seen alot of your runs on other levels and theyre average demos, with this skill you showed on this demo you'd be pretty much the best N player hahaha, you need alot of skill to do only one of those tricks, no need to say those 30 tricks haha, and that chimneying...

il be waiting for your response if you want


Wrong map, wrong demo


Missed 2 pieces of gold though...
Demo Data

You have to

You just have to practise all day :D

how do you do all that ???
i need to be taught all this
(refering to Terminators Demo)


It was really very hard, for me, you know, doing all the tricks without a fault in one try is really a pain.
As I already said, especially the thwump cornerkick near the end, is almost unpossible.
I didn´t count how often the thwump killed me...


Run of the year

fo sure.

just saw the demo

holy fucking shit

5/5, and is there a dronie for demo of the year?


is an awesome fucking game. I recommend everyone try it

also this is cool.



demo I've ever seen. I was like... wtf. I can't even do that FBF. o.O

Nice run.
It took me not more than 10 hours, it´s just as fast as therealone´s demo
The Thwump cornerkick was INSANE, I thought it would be unpossible, but I finally got it

I DIDN´T use FBF...
Demo Data
crazy stupid hard

That makes two features in a row that I've already had favorited. Basically a mindblowing map/demo here.




This is a race lol.

The fuck did I just see?

Death Demo

I promise you I will get an AGD, which is just as fast, or maybe faster than therelone´s,
I´m practising already 5 hours..frustrating

Demo Data

I do not get it!!

I remember this

Still really cool.
I pushed it back as late as I could. I'm leaving...pretty much now. And yeah, my bad - was rushing to write a review/get ready for work. :E

And that Sept map was amazing - I remember that.




DEFINATELY? Son, I am disappoint.

Stunning demo

This reminds me of that Sept thing where you had to change your controls so the right and the jump button were the same. Inspirationally unconventional, breathes new life into the game by thinking so far out of the box.
if you pull it off (I am of course talking about in FBF. Fuck trying otherwise), it feels like you've somewhat participated in the building of a DDA. Like, you've just watched a DDA happen, and it wouldn't have been possible without your input. It's a cool feeling.

I ran out of words though. :(

Re: The Demo.

Sheesh ... I wish you told me that, BEFORE I went back to the previous one >.>

also, I know you are an E.P.I.C mapper ... and I was wondering if you could check out some of my maps and give some critique / tips / helpful info ... etc ...

I would rate this map high because of the demo ... but I won't ... so ... sorry, 3/5 for game play / aesthetics.