Ten Thousand Feet Underground

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Author martyr
Tags action author:martyr nreality playable prisoner puzzle rated
Created 2009-10-31
Last Modified 2009-10-31
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description Fetid smells rise up from the earth full of death, rotting flesh and blank stares. You come upon a buried house, after hours of spelunking. in a certain hallway, you think you see something. Is the wall moving? you think, that's impossible!. Your were wrong. Now, RUN!!

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This is certainly unique. You have an interesting mapping style to me.

Thanks Ferox!

I always felt like i put too high a focus on aesthetics and innovation, but sometimes it leads to functionality like this

Other prisoners bite this prisoner's dust. 5aved

izzy's got the demo, excellent map, nice use of the mod ;]

Izzy that was an epic ending to an epic demo ;_;


rally like the "tiledrones"
modified maps are great... love them


Demo data, sorry.
Demo Data

Fastest AGD


Would get a 4.2, so 4.

Don't listen to RF.

Nice concept.

I think you could have made a bit more ou of it, but the seeker drones were great and the map was fun.


great concept
Demo Data

not that good

compared to your other maps

why thank you ,

commenter number one